At ARIÓN Technical architectue and construction we have a extensive experience and we are specialists at each process that consider construction and remodeling, going from architectural project to construcion and partial or full remodeling. Our services are adapted to the needs of each client to make each project a success.

Thanks to our extensive experience in plenty of Jobs both in technical architecture and in project execution we offer our clients our advice from the first information collection and in the production of projects, going through management and execution, and execution, until reaching the handover of the keys.

Technicarl Architecture

The Technical Architecture area includes construction management services, technical projects, preparation of documentation for obtaining a license, technical assistance for individuals and companies, as well as documentation management for tenders in public tenders for construction companies in addition to regularizations and legalization of homes.


We are specialists in household reforms and commercial premises, keeping an innovative and updated style. Our experience in the sector allows us to satisfice the needs of our customers, always accomplishing the costs and the deadlines set up at the beginning of the project.
Don’t hesitate anymore and contact with us in order to make the first to move to carry out your project.

Turnkey Projects

In ARION our experts always work to offer the highest quality in our projects, providing calm and confidence to our customers. We build up your household or building and we focus on every single detail, even the delivery of the key in your hand, always backed up by a large experience in the construction sector.

Let’s discover some of our several projects…

Why you should acquire our services?

Reforms in home may seem simple and easy, however, many obstacles can happen during the process. We offer a wide range of integral services in Malaga as well as all Costa del Sol.

A multifunctional equipment offering a customized service to our customers, such as rehabilitation works or home reforms. We always try to adapt the maximum to the eventualities presented along the project.

Why you should work with ARION?

We count on an expert and coordinated team behind your project. We are aware of the importance of a great approach to the project. That’s why we offer, previously, a counselling service in order to anticipate any possible contingency during the building process.

Do you think you have a project to need help with?

Either a household, an apartment, an office, a premise… now is the moment to ask for a budget to ARION Technical Architecture and Construction. Bring us the chance to advise you without commitment: new construction projects, integral reforms, kitchen reforms, bathroom reforms, full household reforms, industrial premises, offices, commercial premises…

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